Carolinas Chapter

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association 

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Please read Bylaws of the Carolinas Chapter of the 
North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

Section 2.01 Qualifications for membership

The active members of this club shall be those who have paid their annual dues to the chapter for the current year 

and who are members of NAVHDA.

Section 2.04 Annual Dues


Annual dues shall be set by the elected officers and shall be full calendar year dues.

Such dues shall be payable on Sept. 1st  of each year.

Members must pay yearly dues to the Chapter and be a member of the international organization, as defined in Section 1.01 above, prior to participating in Chapter sponsored events. Such events include, but are not limited to: meetings, voting for Chapter Directors, training clinics, hunts at preserves, any type of shooting event, Chapter fund raising events, representation of the Chapter at any type of event, or any other event or function designated as Chapter sponsored. 

Members whose renewal dues are not submitted on or before Oct.1st of that year will be removed from the chapter mailing list on Oct. 31st.  Any new members who have submitted their chapter membership dues prior to June 1st of that year will be required to renew that membership as of Sept. 1st of that year.  Any new members paying their chapter membership dues after June 1st of that year will be considered current for the remainder of that year.